Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)

Since its inception, FAO has worked to alleviate poverty and hunger by promoting agricultural development, improved nutrition and the pursuit of food security - the access of all people at all times to the food they need for an active and healthy life. FAO offers direct development assistance, collects, analyses and disseminates information, provides policy and planning advice to governments and acts as an international forum for debate on food and agriculture issues. FAO is active in land and water development, plant and animal production, forestry, fisheries, economic and social policy, investment, nutrition, food standards and commodities and trade. It also plays a major role in dealing with food and agricultural emergencies.

Contact details:
Serge M. Garcia, Project Director
Fisheries Resource Division
Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN
Via delle Terme di Caracalla,
I-00100 Rome, Italy
Tel: + 39 06-570-56467; Fax: + 39 06-570-53020